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"life gets better

when you get better"

-- David E. Lucas


Edgar A. Guest once wrote, “Figure it out for yourself, my lad. You have all that the  greatest of men have had.” The words from the late poet are found in his poem, “Equipment”.  The poem goes on to build hope and optimism about the equal capabilities we all possess inside  of us. For author, speaker, and coach, David E. Lucas, the words are especially true for his  personal journey to become the man who would one day stand proudly on the challenges he was  once told would hinder him.  

David was no stranger to adversity as a young child. As a quintuplet ( three boys and two girls ), he was already aware of what it felt like to be a minority and have to divide resources. After being labeled with a learning  disability in elementary school, he saw firsthand how labels and navigating resources created  more barriers to his growth. Vowing at an early age to one day be the change, he was committed  to defying the odds and rewriting the narrative for youth with impairments to learning.  Determined to be the pioneer of positive statistics for the youth that looked like him, he went on  after high school to graduate from the esteemed, Claflin University. He earned his Bachelor of  Arts in Psychology, and began plotting how he would reach back to help children with stories  similar to his.  

In 2019, David and his now wife, Melody, walked away from their careers to walk into  their purpose. Leaning into their faith-and each other, the two took a leap that ultimately was a  promising plunge for their future. David launched David E. Lucas Speaks and has worked  tirelessly to build a brand, and bridge of resources to serve others.  

David’s rapport as a speaker spread fast. From keynote addresses, motivational speeches,  advocating before policy makers, and working for educators, he swiftly became known as the go to for getting crowds energized, and engaging learners and leaders. While he created his business  to propel his speaking career, David quickly found that his wisdom went beyond words. He knew  

he was called to connect with youth beyond the stages he spoke on. Looking to create more  streamlined, supportive services for parents, providers, and youth, he started the Be Exceptional  Academy. The academy offers comprehensive resources to supporting youth with learning  disabilities. With interactive, live, personal, ongoing support from David, the Be Exceptional Academy is becoming the model for innovative ways to reach “the whole child”.  

When he is not spending his days masterminding new ways to connect with youth or  creating avenues to success for others, David is traveling, dabbling in web design, or browsing  new blends of coffee. In a constant journey to keep his spirit aligned with his calling, David  enjoys rising early, opening windows, and manifesting his next move. To David, it is not enough  to just give life to your purpose, but in his words-one must always remember to “Keep your  passion alive.”


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology| Claflin University

Bahavior Therapist


Certified Educational Coach


HIPAA Training Cerificate 

Code of Conduct Cerificate  

Mental Health First Aid Certification

2020 BB&T Emerging Leadership Certification