With a desire to reach more children through various avenues, David birthed the Be Exceptional Academy for students, parents, and direct service providers and educators. The Be Exceptional Academy offers a series of fundamental online courses, private coaching sessions, valuable resources,and connection to a community of like-hearted individuals. With a vision of impacting more than 300 schools annually, our mission is to implement behavior modification plans to diverse learners, through ongoing mentorship and educational sessions.

The challenges that follow service providers and educators when resources are limited and access to information is nonexistent can be an arduous journey. The Be Academy has services catered to the need of providers, that aligns with your classroom and organizational structure-leaving implementation to be seamless. As a provider of educational or care services, you will receive:

·       Access to interactive workshops that empower you to modify teaching techniques for unique learners

·       Workshops packed with resources and strategies for engaging diverse learners

·       Coaching

·       Programs catered to classroom and individual teaching needs

·       “Be Exceptional” curriculum

With a focus on “the whole child”, David created a robust package for students that addresses their needs from learning to leadership, and self-care to self-sufficiency. Students in the Be Exceptional Academy will receive: 


·       90-Day journey mapping session

·       In-depth, interactive programs

·       Life mapping sessions

·       One-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions with David for accountability and support

·       Be Exceptional Journal

·       Courses covering self-esteem and self-care

We understand that caregivers and parents are often the unsung heroes when it comes to the amount of work that goes into preparing children for excellence. David recognizes that you may possess the desire to be equipped to help, but lack the resources needed to adequately follow through with educational support for your child at home. For caregivers, The Be Exceptional Academy provides:


·       One-on-one coaching sessions with David

·       Acceptance in a community of like-hearted parents and caregivers

·       Mentoring from David

·       Advocacy resources and educational tools pertaining to policies and laws that directly impact  your child

·       Training for how to support your child’s career aspirations

·       Self-care techniques for the care provider


Live / Digital Online Video Training 


Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll receive the files for the training series directly to you through email, and your school will have lifetime access to the files.


Live 30 Minute Q&A with David


Once you competed the full training, you’ll also get a complimentary 30 minute Q&A with David. This is great for your staff to ask him any questions about the videos.



PDF Training Workbook 


Once you competed the training, you’ll receive a 10-page PDF training booklet for your teachers and staff to use and interact with during the training.


David + Zoom

Looking for a LIVE virtual motivational presentation for your Teachers or staff? Well, David should be your top choice! David, and his team, have built an Video Studio. Our studio is equipped with professional lighting,  backdrops, and capabilities to give a POWERFUL and ENGAGING presentation. This setup is perfect for district-wide training! Contact us today to let us know how we can serve your district or school!

14 -Days to overcome Distractions

& Boost Follow Through with Tasks 


Do you have students who can’t read and write on grade level? 


Does this sound familiar: 


  • Repeating instructions

  • Incomplete work 

  • Not staying on task

  • I spend my entire educational career 


My offer includes 1,600 per person + Accommodations 

  • One 2-hour Live Training (Virtually or in person).



  • Access to a portal for 7-days self-placed training 

  • Educator Reflection Guide 

  • 14-Day Students Improvement Tracker


One-time Payment

Perfect for individuals who want to get it done before getting started, our one-time payment alleviates the burden of remembering payments. As a bonus for paying upfront, we are offering a 10% discount, for a total one-time payment of $1440. Book now to secure your savings and spot!



We understand the convenience that comes with being able to divide an expense over time. That’s why we’ve created payment options for all individuals. The three-pay option requires a one-time payment of $533, then two recurring, auto-drafted payments of $533.