90-Day Be Exceptional Planner 


Contrary to the stigmas placed on youth and young adults with learning disabilities, they are not incapable of  strategy inception or focusing their thoughts. The problem with successfully executing actions as  it pertains to goals, is that we often lack a streamlined and clear system for organizing thoughts  and tasks. David E. Lucas created the 90-Day Be Exceptional Planner to be the guide. Packed  with self-care reminders, affirmations, space for introspective reflections, and fields for goal  setting, this journal is the perfect go-to for helping young ones “be exceptional”. Youth will receive:  



  • • More accountability for self, with guided checkpoints to ensure all tasks are completed; • A keepsake, full-colored journal full of memories to reflect on later in life; • Improved writing skills; 

    • And higher self-esteem and sense of pride after accomplishing duties that once went  unfulfilled or forgotten!

  • What’s Inside:

    ✅Vision Board 

    ✅Set Your 90-Days Goals 

    ✅Weekly Planner

    ✅2 Reflections

    ✅Mindfulness Bingo Activity 

    ✅Big Goal Category 

    ✅Affirmation Statements